Terms & Condition

As we all know that terms and conditions are actually a legal agreement between a customer and a website, so if customers want to be a part of this site, then they must have to go through the terms and conditions and also have to follow these conditions. If you correctly follow these set of rules, then this website will surely help you out in buying the best products according to your choice at the most reasonable price.

Read these important points that are discussed below and started making good relation with us. Don`t forget to avail the services of coupons because this is the only way to save money and buy much more products on a budget.


Promosplace will provide you amazing facilities to the buyers for example here you will find the service of coupons or discount codes. If a site is providing a coupon code, then it is the responsibility of customers to check an expiry date and other details. If you do not take care of these details, then a website will not be responsible for it. The main thing that everyone requires is accurate information which will be perfectly provided by a site.


All the data that includes information, logo, content, coupon, and others will be on the website. So, if a company will found any violation of these copyrights then they directly have to deal with a legal action. No need for the third party is required.


The website will honestly keep your personal data safe and secure, and you don`t have to worry about any misuse or mishaps. Else, it is also a responsibility of a customer to read the privacy policy correctly so that you can build your trust towards this website.


Feel free to contact us if you are feeling difficulty in understanding any of the terms and conditions available here.